WhiteCap Energy

Retail Services

WHITECAP Gas Services allows its eligible customers to participate in competitive natural gas pricing while managing their transportation service through their Local Distribution Centers (LDCs) or Local Utility. LDCs offer programs for eligible commercial and industrial users to subscribe to transportation services and purchase natural gas directly from WHITECAP Gas Services at a substantially lower price than the Local Utility. WHITECAP evaluates each individual client on their energy usage and the client is given the most efficient means of energy management and utility cost budgeting.

We provide service to customers in Oklahoma who qualify to purchase natural gas. Integrated natural gas services from the City Gate to the Burner tip by securing wholesale natural gas on the Interstate and Intrastate pipelines. We provide fair and flexible pricing options to meet your natural gas requirements. Solutions to lowering our customer’s natural gas bills through monitoring daily usage to reviewing other utility accounts to move to third party transportation. On-line electronic gas nominations and scheduling services to balance our supply with your usage. EFM Funding Program that allows for customer to use gas savings to pay for required EFM. Correct and prompt invoices with 99% accuracy rate that provide your monthly and accumulated savings on gas supplies.

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